Montgomery County (IL)
Genealogical Society

Small Settlements (Former Towns)

Barnett is located on the North Litchfield & Zanesville Township line near the Macoupin County line.  The village was platted along the Jacksonville Southeastern Railroad.  Lots were laid out around a central public square.
Located in Section 28 of Fillmore Township, Chapman was platted along the Cloverleaf Railroad.  Unfortunately, the small town was located too close to Fillmore to have much chance of growing.
Honey Bend
There was already a small settlement when the Wabash Railroad was built.  The community requested and was granted a station on the railroad.  The settlement was named Honey Bend.
Located just to the northeast of Schram City, along the Terre Haute & Alton Railroad, a station was secured on property owned by a Mr. Pocock.  Early railroad records indicate this station as Pocock.  A coal mine and shaft were sunk, houses were erected, and William Kortkamp was named as mine manager.  The town was called Kortkamp.
Located in Section 16 of Bois D'Arc Township, Thomasville was platted along the Chicago, Peoria & St Louis Railroad on land of L. H. Thomas.  Mr. Thomas secured a railroad station and post office.