Montgomery County (IL)
Genealogical Society

Marriage Records Links

Marriage Register Entries provide some but not all of the information that is provided with a certified copy of the License and Application.  The Entry gives name, residence, parents, age, witnesses, and more.

*Available Marriage Register Entries begin in 1878.  Please do not request prior to that date.



1.  What is the name of the man for whom license is desired, and where does he reside?

2.  What is his age?

3.  is the name of the woman for whom license is desired, and where does she reside?

4.  What is her age?

5.  Are the parties for whom this license is desired in any way related?  If so, what is the relationship?

6.  Are they both single and unmarried?

7.  Has either of them been divorced within the last two years?  If so, give name, date and cause.

8.  Is there any reason why either of them may not lawfully contract and be joined in marriage under the Laws of the State of Illinois?