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Montgomery County Genealogical Society

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HISTORY BOOK DEADLINE EXTENDED ----- Don't forget to send in your family story for the Montgomery County Illinois History & Family book.  Deadline is March 31th, 2014.  Click link below to download a brochure.
Welcome to the Official site of the Montgomery County (IL) Genealogical Society.

The society was organized in 1978 by a group of individuals interested in family history and the preservation of family records and historical information pertaining to the families living in Montgomery County, Illinois.

We thank you for visiting our website and hope you return regularly to view new information as it becomes available.

Our Research Center is open 5 days each week (4 days each week during the winter).  The Research Center is free and open to the public for genealogy research. 

Montgomery County, Illinois
History & Family Sketches book in progress!

Don't miss your opportunity to preserve your family story for future generations .  Family sketches of up to 500 words and 1 picture will be included in this book at no charge.  Pioneer families, newly arrived and young families are urged to submit their stories.  Please limit submissions to one per household.  Involve siblings, cousins and other family members with roots in Montgomery County for more family sketches.

Histories of the county, each township, past and present settlements, villages and towns, railroads, education, churches, cemeteries, military, businesses, Route 66, agriculture, coal mines and more will be included spanning almost 200 years.
Book of Montgomery County History
and Family Sketches is Planned
  The Montgomery County Genealogical Society will be sponsoring the writing and publishing of a book length history and family histories of Montgomery County.
     Brochures are being prepared for a mass mailing in the near future.  Brochures will also be available for download. 
     Family histories can be 500 words plus one picture and one submission per household. 
     The dark green leatherette hardbound book will be 8-1/2 x 11 inches.  A drawing of the courthouse in an outline of Montgomery County will be on the cover.
     For more information email the Genealogical Society at

"Montgomery County History & Family Sketches"
Brochures to be mailed August 28, 2013

     Brochures for the history & family sketches book are completed and will be mailed on Wednesday, August 28, 2013.  Montgomery County residents should receive the brochure within a few days of the mailing.  Let us know if you didn't receive your brochure!
Didn't get a brochure for the new book Montgomery County Illinois History & Families?


Centennial Farms
7 Sesquicentennial
168 Centennial

Rural School Pictures

Montgomery County History & Families book off to a good start...

             The Montgomery County Genealogical Society chairperson, Deanna Reeves, is happy to announce that family sketches are being received for publication in the Montgomery County History & Families book that is being compiled.  Reeves reminds county residents that family sketches can be historical or present families.  Family sketches can be up to 500 words plus 1 picture at no charge.  Limit one submission per household.  A charge of 15¢ per word over 500 words.  Additional pictures are $15.00 each.

            Informational brochures were mailed to all postal customers in the county.  If you have not received a brochure, you are requested to direct an inquiry to the society at PO Box 212, Litchfield, IL  62056.

            The book committee members are Deanna Reeves, chairperson, Carol Berry, Carolyn Blatter, Cindy Borklund, and Lynn Reener.  They are currently gathering information for the history section of the book. 

            Centennial & Sesquicentennial Farm owners are asked to contact the society to contribute basic information about their Centennial Farm for that portion of the book.  There are currently 168 Centennial Farms & 7 Sesquicentennial Farms in the county.  Please contact the society by email at or by stopping by the Research Center.

            Family histories with original picture (scanned and returned to you) and book orders may be dropped off at the Montgomery County Genealogical Society Research Center, located inside the Litchfield Museum & Route 66 Welcome Center, 334 Historic Route 66 North, Litchfield, IL or by mail at MCGS, PO Box 212, Litchfield, IL  62056.

            The deadline for family sketch submissions and book orders is November 15, 2013. 

How to write your family's history, Centennial Farm info needed...


            Family stories are being submitted on a regular basis for the Montgomery County, Illinois History & Families book.  Some of these stories are featuring current families and some are featuring historical families.  Both types are welcome.  One hundred years from now, everybody in the book will be historical.  We encourage each family to submit their own family story, whether current or historical.  Family stories can be up to 500 words at no charge and include one picture.  There is a charge for over 500 words or more than one picture.  Submissions are limited to one per household.

            If you are having trouble writing your story, there are several examples that you can follow.  Stop by the Montgomery County Genealogical Society Research Center for some ideas, assistance, or just to ask some questions. 

            Pictures submitted should be originals, if possible, for the best quality.  Your picture will not be "sent off", but will be scanned and returned to you as you wait.  If you prefer to scan your picture and email it to us, please scan in grayscale, 300 dpi, at 100%. 

            A listing of all Centennial Farms will be included in the book and owners are asked to contact Carol at 217-556-6777 to submit information concerning your Centennial Farm.  Information needed: township, section, number of acres, year and owner(s) for lineage. 

            If your group or organization would be interested in a brief program concerning the Montgomery County, Illinois History & Families book project, contact Deanna Reeves at 217-324-2425 or 217-556-0066. 

            The book committee can be contacted by email at, by USPS at PO Box 212, Litchfield, IL  62056, by phone, or in person at the Research Center inside the Litchfield Museum & Rte 66 Welcome Center, 334 Historic Rte 66 North, Litchfield, IL  62056.

High School Students and Businesses, Churches, Organizations to participate in Montgomery County Illinois History & Families book...


            Students from Lincolnwood, Litchfield and Nokomis high schools are being given the opportunity by their respective schools to submit their family stories for inclusion in the Montgomery County Illinois History & Families book sponsored by the Montgomery County Genealogical Society.   By submitting their family stories, the students will be making a permanent recording of their family and their family's part in Montgomery County history for generations to come.  Students wishing to submit their family stories are being given a deadline of April 15th, 2014.  Submissions will be turned into their respective schools for credit.  Each High School participating will receive a complimentary copy of the hardbound book for their High School Library from the Genealogical Society.

            Response for family story submissions has been much greater than the Book Committee envisioned.  We thank each and every person and family that has contributed their story and other tidbits of information pertaining to Montgomery County.  Each and every submission contributes to making this book bigger, better and more interesting.

            For those who did not get their family story submitted, the Book Committee is extending the deadline to March 31st, 2014 for the submission of family stories.  Watch your mailbox for the brochure.

            The Book Committee continues to write the county, township, and town histories and other areas of Montgomery County history to be included in the general history section of the book.  This section will also include Rural Schools, Centennial Farms, Railroads, and much more.

            Businesses, Organizations, Clubs, Schools, and Churches will be receiving a brochure in the near future concerning participation in the book section devoted to these groups.  Memorials/Tributes are also available.  If you wish a copy of the brochure and don't receive one, please contact Deanna Reeves at 217-324-2425 or 217-556-0066. 

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